Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain Bhai

"We are ready to accept the death of honour, but under no circumstances whatsoever will we accept a life of slavery and disgrace."

Saturday, October 31, 2009

MQM Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain honours the martyrs of October 31 1986

Friday, October 30, 2009

Terrorists intended to murder Liaqatabad Town Nazim Hafiz Osama Qadri


According to the investigation conducted by Muttahida Qaumi Movement Investigation Committee, the 5 terrorists belonging to the banned secretarian outfit 'Lashkar e Jhangvi' who were arrested in a raid by the CID, had intended to target the senior leadership of MQM and the attempt had failed due to the timely action by the security agencies against them. According to the report the terrorists Atif, Afzal, Waseem Barudi, Nasir alias Saifullah and Shakeel Barmi were arrested from areas Korangi Town and Nazimabad.

Among these terrorists Nasir alias Saifullah, is the body guard and a close associate of Parvez Mehmood who is a representative of Jamaat e Islami and former town nazim of Liaqatabad. These terrorists had got their training in militancy and terrorism from South Waziristan. According to the investigative report these terrorists on the directions of Jamaat e Islami had intended to target the representatives of MQM, according to the plan their first target was Liaqatabad Haq Parast town Nazim Hafiz Osama Qadri whom these terroris had intended to murder and then when MQM's top brass members and senior leadership of the party would gather to grieve and participate in the funeral rites of the deceased, the terrorist would strike using a suicide bomber on the spot and thus eliminate MQM of its top leadership. Luckily, their timely arrest by the security agencies along with the recovery of suicide jackets, explosives and deadly weapons from their possession prevented them to carry out their cowardly act of terror.

The report also suggests that banned terrorist organizations that are in favour of Taliban have taken refuge in different areas of Karachi and they are planning to carry out terrorist attacks in the city with the help of several religious and secretarian outfits. MQM Rabita committee has demanded President Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and Federal Interior Minister Rahman Malik to take immediate notice against the terrorists that are operating within the ranks of Jamaat e Islami and planning to target Muttahida Qaumi Movement's senior members and elected representatives and take action against them aswell as their terrorist guardians in Jamaat e Islami.

MQM plans to hold a convention in Punjab - Haider Abbas Rizvi

MQM Leader and Member National Assembly Haider Abbas Rizvi on his return from London said, that MQM plans to hold a convention in Lahore and a full-fledged public mobilization campaign would be launched in this regard.

The entire MQM leadership was in London and discussions were held with MQM Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain on the highly volatile situation of the country, suicide bombings and bomb explosions were closely examined, he said.

The MQM leaders along with Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain discussed Muttahida Qaumi Movement's foray into Punjab and a road map was laid out for holding the convention in the city of Lahore.

Timely action has saved Karachi from a big disaster - Altaf Hussain

MQM Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain has applauded and termed the arrests of 5 Taliban militants and the recovery of deadly weapons, Explosive building materials and Suicide jackets from their possession as commendable. In a statement issued he said that by taking timely action, the security agencies have saved Karachi from a terrible disaster that was waiting to happen. He appealed to the citizens of Karachi, the whole Nation aswell as the Students to form vigilance communities in order to protect their colleges and universities and be aware at all times, and in the case of finding any suspected persons they should immediately take action by informing their Teachers, Police and the Administration.

Efforts of Altaf Hussain for getting rid of Secretarianism in Sindh are commendable - Syed Akbar Hussain Moosavi

MQM Haq Parast member National Assembly Abdul Waseem along with Ulma Athar Hussain Naqvi and MQM Ulma committee member Nasir Yameen met with the President of Kazmi Welfare Trust Syed Akbar Hussain Moosavi and other trustees in Jalalabad and sent them a message of peace and regilious and secretarian harmony on behalf of Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain bhai.

Syed Akbar Hussain Moosavi in his message said that the efforts of Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain in Sindh relating to keeping peace and religious harmony amongst various sects in the province of Sindh is highly commendable. He assured that in order to make Gilgit-Baltistan a peaceful place, we are committed, and our support is with Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain.

Killers of innocent men, women and children are inhuman and country's biggest enemy - Altaf Hussain

MQM Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain bhai condemned in his strict words the bomb blast in Peshawar that killed over 100 including men, women, elderly and children and injured more than 150. He expressed his grief over the merciless act of terror and consoled with the families of those who were martyred in this sad incident and prayed for the quick recovery of the injured.
He said that the terrorists have struck again with their bloody act of terror in Peshawar and killed innocent men, women and children, they are the biggest enemies of Pakistan and their mission is to destroy our country by attacking government buildings, security officials and merciless killings of thousands of Men, Women and Children. Those who do this in the name of Islam are inhumane and whoever supports them is equally an enemy of not only Pakistan but also the entire humanity, he said.

Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain bhai appealed to the entire Nation that it is not just the duty of the Armed Forces to rid the country of terrorists instead everyone should play their roles in this regard and stand committed with the Armed forces and the government in this cause. He appealed to everyone to form vigilant committees in their areas round the clock to keep a watchful eye on suspected people and inform the security agencies in this regard. He demanded President Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and Federal Interior Minister Rahman Malik to take immediate action against the terrorists in order to make our Country
a safe place to live.

He appealed to the MQM members and the Public in Peshawar to come foward and generously Donate Blood for the injured.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

MQM backed Haq Parast Group Candidates Lists Issued by Rabita Committee

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), Rabita Committee has issued the lists of candidates fielded by MQM-backed Haq Parast Group (HPG) to contest the elections of the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA). MQM Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain approved the candidates for the upcoming elections of the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly.

Fathers Name
Cell No.


Altaf Hussain Mir
Mir Baaz Ali


Faqeer Shah
Sheereen Khan


Captain (R) Hadi Hussain
Ahsan Ali


Haji Hasan
Ali Sarwar


Kamil Jaan
Muhammad Shafi


Raja Muhammad Zakariya Khan
Hatim Khan


Nisar Khan Balti
Muhammad Hadi


Ghulam Raza Haidri
Ghulam Rasool




Wazir Ghulam Muammad Kaleem
Wazir Muhammad Kazim


Raja Muhammad Azam Khan
Raja Muhammad Shah


Muhammad Shakoor (Advocate)
Samandar Khan



Raja Ameer Tariq
Ghalib Ali


Haji Shah Baig
Haji Abdul Shakoor


Sher Bahadur
Maqsad Khan


Shah Jahan Gazri
Meerzah Nadir


Shah Zahir (Advocate)
Dinar Khan


Muhammad Ismail
Muhammad Hussain


Abid Hussain
Qamar Ali

MQM Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain Bhai has appealed to the people of Gilgit-Baltistian to vote for the Haq Parast Group Candidates in their constituencies in large numbers and to cast their votes on the MQM Haq Parast symbol of 'Kite' in order to ensure victory of MQM backed Haq Parast Candidates.

Elections for the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly will be held on November 12, 2009.

Politics without serving the Nation is 'Hypocrisy' - Altaf Hussain

MQM Provincial Organizing committee joint incharge Yawar Jameel said that in the eyes of Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain bhai, politics without serving the nation is an open hypocrisy. We are serving the nation by acting according to the thinking and philosophy of Altaf Hussain bhai because the problems of the downtrodden people can only be understood and addressed by those representatives who belong to the downtrodden community, and this is the exact same approach of Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain bhai that we nominated people from the common masses of Gilgit-Baltistan to represent themselves in the country's politics, said Yawar Jameel while addressing a corner's meeting in Gazzr in the district of Poonyal regarding the upcoming Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Elections where MQM haq parast candidate Sher Bahadur of constituency GBLA-19 was present along with large crowds of MQM workers and supporters.

Yawar Jameel said that by nominating Haq Parast candidate Sher Bahadur who belongs to the downtrodden community, MQM has given shape to the philosophy of Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain so that Sher Bahadur could play his role in resolving the issues and problems that are faced by the people in his constituency.

He said that we have come here to spread the message of Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain so that the people of this region can work towards a future of peace and prosperity irrespective of the persons social class, creed or religious difference.

He appealed the people of Gilgit-Baltistan that they should vote for the Haq Parast candidates on the election day on November 12th in large numbers and cast their votes on the partys symbol 'Kite' in order to secure victory. During this moment MQM provincial organizing committee member Abdul Khaliq Baloch and MQM Gilgit-Baltistan's organizer Hidayat Ali Khan, Haq Parast candidate Sher Bahadur and member MQM womens wing Mashghool-un-Nissa also presented their views.

Overseas Pakistanis should benefit from PRI Scheme - Dr Farooq Sattar

MQM Leader and Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis Dr Farooq Sattar, who is currently on an official visit to Canada, urged the overseas Pakistanis to avail the PRI facility to send their remittances to Pakistan.

The Government has launched the Pakistan Remittance Initiatives (PRI) scheme in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance, State Bank and the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and the overseas Pakistanis should use this facility, he said while addressing a gathering of the overseas Pakistani business community in Toronto. The Minister said that the Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis is working on various projects for the welfare of overseas Pakistanis stating the new OPF schools are being established to cater the Educational needs of the children of overseas Pakistanis. Plots would be allotted to the overseas Pakistanis through the OPF housing schemes in Mirpur and Lahore aswell as in order to benefit from the experience and expertise of overseas Pakistanis, a bill has been prepared by the MOP that would allow the reservation of seats for the overseas Pakistanis in the national assembly as well as in four Provincial assemblies. One seat in the National Assembly out of the four proposed seats, would be reserved for the overseas Pakistanis of North America

Dr Farooq Sattar added that Overseas Pakistanis must play their role in the development of Pakistan and for the welfare of its countrymen. During the month of August and September, $800 million remittances were recieved under the PRI scheme.

Terrorists intended to target MQM leadership

The 5 terrorists of a banned secretarian outfit the 'Lashkar-e-Jhangvi' that were recently arrest after a raid by the CID team on a house located in the locality of Orangi Town were planning to target the leadership of MQM, it has been revealed.

According to the investigative report of Muttahida Qaumi Movement, the 5 held alleged Taliban militants who have been identified as Shakeel Barmi, Nisar, Afzaal, Atif and Waseem Barodi whereas 4 of their accomplices managed to flee had planned to target the leadership of MQM as well a launch terrorist attacks on official buildings.

Huge cache of Arms and Ammunition were recovered from their possession including large amounts of explosive building materials weighing over 100-Kg, two suicide jackets and 5 AK-47's.

MQM Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain Bhai applauded the role of the Law enforcement agencies and urged the youth and the residents to take responsibilities of their areas and co-operate with the Law enforcement agencies and form vigilance committees in order to keep an eye on any suspected people and inform the security agencies about them.

The CID police were looking for four of their accomplices Rasheed Swati, Arif alias Chota, Danish and Naseer – who were still at large.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shaheed Lance Naik Mohammad Asif Jhokio buried with full Military Honours


MQM Karachi muzzafaati committee old malir memon goth sector member Riaz Ahmed Jhokio's younger brother Shaheed Lance Naik Mohammad Asif Jhokio of Baloch regiment was buried on Tuesday at Syed Yousuf Shah Graveyard, UC 2 Gaddap Town, with full Military Honours. Shaheed Muhammad Asif Jhokio's last rites were held at his native village of Mazar Khan Jhokio Goth.

Those present at the prayers and burial were Haq Parast Provincial Minister Nisar Pahnur, Karachi Muzzafaati committee incharge, Joint incharge's Farrukh Azam, Aslam Baloch, Arif Haider, various members of Karachi Muzzafaati committee, High ranking officers of the Pakistan Army, Soldiers, friends, family and relatives of the Shaheed were present aswell.

Haq Parast Provincial Minister Nisar Pahnur and members of MQM karachi muzzafaati committee along with other office bearers and party workers on behalf of MQM Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain laid down flowers at the grave of the Shaheed and prayed Fatiha for the soul of the departed.

Later Haq Parast Minister Nisar Pahnur met with the parents of the Shaheed and offered heart-felt condolences on behalf of Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain. The uncle of the Shaheed Ghulam Rasul Jhokio thanked Altaf Hussain and offered his well wishes to the founder and leader of MQM.

Shaheed Lance Naik Mohammed Asif Jhokio achieved martyrdom during the ongoing military offensive Rah-E-Nijat against the militants in the area of Jandola, South Waziristan on October 24.

Fatiha Soyem of Shaheed Hawaldar Mohammad Nadeem

The deadly helicopter crash that took place in Miranshah during the military offensive against the militants took the lives of several military personnel. The soyem of one of the martyred soldier Shaheed Hawaldar Mohammad Nadeem was held in Mohammadi Mosque, Landhi 36-B where the cousin of the martyr Kaif-ul-Wari who also happens to be the member of the MQM rabita committee was present along with member Sindh Assembly Khalid Mehmood, Landhi town nazims, UC nazims, counsillors, members of MQM Landhi sector committee, unit incharge personell, workers aswell as friends and family members of the deceased.

Quran e Pak was recited by those present at the soyem and prayed to the Almighty Allah(S.W.T) for all those who were martyred in the horrific helicopter crash.

Altaf Hussain expresses his sadness at the demise of Amjad Ali, Member MQM Korangi Sector

MQM Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain bhai has expressed his grief and sadness upon hearing the demise of member MQM Korangi Sector, Amjad Ali.

In his message Altaf Bhai offered his heart felt condolence to the friends and family members of the deceased. He prayed to Almighty Allah(S.W.T) to give patience to the mourners of the deceased and to give the departed sould a place in his everlasting heaven in peace. Ameen

The deprived rights of Gilgit-Baltistan must be restored - Quaid e Tehreek

Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain Bhai demanded Gilgit-Baltistan to be awarded representation in the National Assembly and the Senate of Pakistan and the rights that the people of this region have been deprived of must be restored. He said this during a press conference while addressing the 'meet the press' at the Gilgit-Baltistan Press Club over the telephone from London where various representatives of television channels, newspapers, Gilgit-Baltistan Union of Journalists, columnists, writers and journalists were present in large numbers.

He said that the feudal system in the country only allowed the rich and powerful class belonging to the feudal lords, jagirdars, waderas and industrialists to get elected in the National Assembly, the Senate and the Provincial Assemblies of the country, whereas, the common persons belonging to the poor and middle class irrespective of how educated or competent he or she maybe has always been prevented from reaching even the corridors of the Parliament. He said that MQM has the honours of being 'the first' in the political history of Pakistan that has nomited educated and competent youth to represent MQM in various Governments.

Altaf bhai said that the journey of MQM's achievements has not been easy and MQM has continuously struggled a lot which has resulted in the extra-judicial murder of thousands of its workers that were illegally detained, tortured and displaced, however, with the blessings of Almighty Allah(S.W.T), MQM is finally achieving success through the tireless struggle and hardships that were faced by the party's office bearers and workers in order to abolish and eliminate the corrupt political culture of the country and it is due to those sacrifices that were given by MQM that now its message is spreading through out the country all the way to the havenly mountains and valleys of Gilgit-Baltistan. He commended and praised the efforts by his workers of Gilgit-Baltistan who, despite unfavourable conditions in the area are busy day and night spreading the party's message and paid rich tributes to them.

He informed the people in his address that MQM is a liberal and a progressive party and the only party in Pakistan that is truly representative of all Pakistanis regardless of their sect, race or religion and that MQM wants religious and secretarian harmony in the country. Altaf bhai asked the people to remain committed to their religious school of thought and one should not confront or critisize other faiths,sects or religions because people of all sects including shia's and sunnis equally participated in the Pakistan Movement and he also referred to the Memon and Ismaili communities that played a big role in financially assisting Pakistan. He appealed to the Ismaili community settled in Gilgit and Baltistan to come foward and join MQM as it is for everyone.

Quaid e Tehreek demanded of the Federal Government to resolve the issues faced by the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and requested more police for the region and an increase in salaries to bring it at par with other provinces. He also demanded a to establish a special quota for the students of Gilgit-Baltistan in all the educational institutes and student hostels of the country. Increase tourism so it could become a source of employment for the people of this region, establish engineering and medical univertisies and television channels to highlight the issues of this region, establish an effecient communication system, build roads, bridges and infrastructure. He said that the area abundant in Natural resources and steps should be taken to
exploit them in order to bring prosperity in the lives of the people of this region. He requested an increase in special grant for establishing press clubs in all districts of Gilgit-Baltistan; and demanded that the airport at Skardu should be upgraded as an international airport and to establish a trust for the welfare of local artists. Apart from that industrial zones should be established to generate employment in the region so unemployment could be reduced. Hospitals and dispensaries should be built in order to provide basic health facilities, sports and culture needs to be promoted and polo in particular where special grounds of high standards should be built aswell as establish a sports institution in the region. An old age benefits and labour department should be establish as well as effective measures should be taken to improve livestock, forests and wildlife.

He said now that MQM is working in Gilgit-Baltistan and God willing, the day is not far when the people of Gilgit-Baltistan will have their representatives in the Senate, National and Provicial Assemblies and when MQM will form Government in this region we will attain the rights for the people aswell as resolve all issues that are faced by the people of this whole region.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Elements behind the brutal murder of Shafiq Ahmed Khan should be immediately arrested and punished - APMSO

In a joint statement the All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organization chairman Syed Waheed-uz-Zaman and board members have in their strict words condemned and demanded immediate arrest and punishment to the culprits behind the murder of Balochistan Education Minister and PPP representative Shafiq Ahmed Khan Baloch.

They shared their grief with heard felt condolences with the friends, relatives of the deceased and with various representatives of the PPP and prayed to the Almighty to grant the departed soul of the deceased in his everlasting heaven in peace.

Ina Lillah He Wa In Allah E Rajaon

Malir Town - Siraiki, Pakhtoon and Rajputs join MQM in large numbers

In Malir Town Ammara Yasir Phase 1, Seraiki's, Pakhtoon's and Rajput's announced their decision to join MQM in large numbers after being impressed by Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain bhai's constant strive and stuggle to help the downtrodden masses of the entire nation.

They announced this decision during the gathering of Pakhtun Punjabi organizing committee in Ammara Yasir Phase 1 when MQM's Pakhtun-Punjabi organizing committee incharge Gulfraz Khan, member Ilyas Baber and members of public belonging to different sections of the society participated in large numbers.

After announcing their decision to join MQM, the various new members of the party spoke of their feelings and said that whenever Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain Bhai has committed himself towards somthing he has always delivered. He(Altaf Hussain) has raised his voice against extremism and militancy in the country and always continuously strived to get rid of the problems of the downtrodden people of this nation and to permanently get rid of the corrupt feudal system of this country.

All this proves that he is indeed a patriotic and a true Pakistani and all those blames and baseless allegations since the past so many years have been false and fabricated. The newly joined party members also said that the purpose all those baseless allegations on Altaf Hussain and his party was to stop the spreading of the haq parast philosophy and now that the truth has prevailed it is now evident that MQM is a pro-Pakistan party. Pakhtoon-Punjabi organizing committee incharge Gulfraz Khan said that MQM is the only party in the country that is clean from any impurities of corruption and it is the only party with people from the common masses representing it in the parliament which proves that Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain Bhai wants to see the representation of people belonging from the middle-class and the downtrodden masses in nations assemblies.

All party members should follow MQM's code of conduct - Waseem Qureshi

|KBCA Labour Division incharge Waseem Qureshi in his speech to the workers of KBCA Labour Divisions Unit said that MQM party workers should follow the MQM rules and regulations with strick descipline and that they should officially avoid engaging in any activities that are not related to party. He said this while addressing workers who participated in huge numbers.

He also said that Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain Bhai has always strived for and given top priority in order to achieve gains that are of public interest. Waseem Qureshi said that the corrupt feudal system that is run by the top 2% elites has literally eaten the foundations of this country from within and due bad government policies, today we see the spread of Talibanizaton and their terrorist activies across the cuntry and the citizens of this nation are becoming the target of their militancy and extremism.

He said that the Armed forces are giving great sacrifices for the sake of our Nations sovereignty and protecting its citizens and the entire nation is committed to supporting the armed forces.

Quaid e Tehreek and MQM mourns the martyrdom of Muhammad Jabir



MQM and Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain bhai grieved the martyrdom of a young and energetic worker of MQM's Skardu unit.

Mohammad Jabir 22 s/o Ghulam Haider, who was heavily involved in MQM's service and support activities in the area accidently fell off the pole where he was hoisting the flag of MQM and achieved martyrdom. Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain bhai in his message grieved with sadness said that Mohammad Jabir Shaheed was a very hard working member of the party who sacrificed his life in the line of duty while spreading the message of his party. He is a Shaheed and I along with all the workers of MQM are grieving at his martyrdom.

He offered his heartfelt condolences to the martyr's family and prayed to Allah S.W.T to give them patience and accept his martyrdom and give him a place in his everlasting heaven. Ameen

Inna Lilla He Wa Ina Allah e Rajaon

Monday, October 26, 2009

MQM Rabita Committee suspends several MQM workers

Mqm's rabita committee on sunday suspended 8 of its workers belonging to several different units after being found guilty of working against Mqm's policies and breaching its code of conduct.
Below is the list of the suspended MQM workers.
  • Hammas Yousuf s/o Yousuf Ali and Ali Yameen s/o Mohammad Yameen - Defence Sector Unit 6 
  • Mohammad Shafiq Pappu s/o Mohammad Nawaz and Ishtiaq s/o Mohammad Sardar - New Karachi Sector Unit 139 
  • Mohammad Zubair s/o Nur Hashim - Karachi Muzzafaati Committee Ibrahim Haidary Sector Unit Ali Akbar Shah Goth 
  • Mohammad Ahad s/o Mohammad Ashraf - Federal B Area Sector Unit 152 
  • Mohammad Farooq s/o Mohammad Ayub - Joint Secretary in-charge of Defence/Clifton Sector 
  • Ubaid Nisar s/o Nisar and Syed Imran s/o Syed Shahid - Delhi Colony Sector Unit 6

All of the above has been suspended for an indefinite period and the Rabita Committee has strictly informed all those responsible and the party workers no to have any contact with those suspended any longer.

Altaf Bhai mourns Wasim Akram's wife's sudden demise, terms Shafiq Ahmed Khans Murder as 'a National Loss'

Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain bhai strongly reacted and condemned the murder of Balochistan's Education Minister and PPP worker Shafiq Ahmed Baloch who was shot dead in front of his house in Quetta on Sunday.

He termed the Balochistan Education Minister's murder as an act of terrorism and termed it a national loss - and he demanded the Government to launch an enquiry and immediately arrest the culprits so they could be brought to Justice.
He prayed to God to rest the departed soul in eternal peace and grant courage and fortitute to the bereaved family to bear this tragic loss.

Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain bhai also expressed grief over the shocking sudden demise of the wife of former Captain of Pakistan cricket team Wasim Akram and prayed for the departed soul and sympathised with the bereaved family.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

MQM's Election rally in Gilgit-Baltistan and Northern Areas in Full Swing

Muttahida Qaumi Movement's election rally in the Northern Areas and Gilgit-Baltistan are in full swing. Crowds in their thousands along with office bearer's and MQM's candidates aswell as members of Provincial committee thronged to the rally in hundreds of vehicles to show their support for their most favourite party.

MQM Leader Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain bhai in his latest message appealed to the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and the Northern Areas to fully participate in the upcoming general elections with fervour and enthusiasm as MQM is the only hope for the people of this region who have been deprived of their rights since the past 62 years. He said that many different political and religious parties have won elections in this region and made tall claims after coming to power. However, even till this day most of their issues remain unresolved since no matter which politician came to power in this region they only worked towards solving their own personal issues in self-interests.

He also said that all these religious and political parties have feudal lords in their ranks and had they been really sincere towards solving problems that are faced by the common citizens then these political parties would have awarded party tickets to those workers belonging to the poor and middle-class backgrounds. He said that MQM is the only political party in the entire 62 year history of Pakistan that has included and awarded tickets to the educated, competent and proficient people from the poor and middle-class backgrounds and sent them to the Senate, National Assembly, Provincial Assembly and the Local Bodies.

Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain bhai appealed that the people of this region that they have tried other religious and political parties in the past that have repeatedly failed to solve their issues - but now, it is time they should give MQM a chance to serve them by voting for the success of MQM's Haq Parast candidates in large numbers. He informed the people that MQM is your political party and it will make every effort and strive constantly in order to attain the rights of the deprived peoepl of Gilgit-Baltistan, Skardu and the Northern Area and will work tirelessly to bring about the much needed rapid development work in the region.

He also informed the people of the election symbol of the MQM Haq Parast candidates is "Kite" and therefore, the supporters of MQM should stamp on this symbol in order to ensure the victory of the MQM candidates and he also asked the people of Gilgit-Baltstan, Skardu and the Northern Areas settled in Karachi and other parts of the country to request their friends and family members living in the region to vote for the success of MQM candidates in the upcoming elections.

Friday, October 23, 2009

LAND SCAM - Karachi Land worth Rs 800 crores sold for Rs 15 crores

Journalist and Geo Tv presenter Kamran Khan in his Tv program Aj Kamran Khan Kay Sath revealed that a plot of land measuring 75,000 square metres that makes up approximately 15 acres present in one of the most expensive areas of the city that was previously owned and leased to the Sindh provincial government for 30 years had recently ended. He said that the Government of Pakistan and the Sindh Provincial Government had decided to re-lease this plot of land and re-leased they did at the cost of peanuts.

He said that the 15 Acre piece of Land present opposite Civic centre in Gulshan-e-Iqbal town that is worth over Rs 8 Billion (800 Crores) according to the market value was leased and allotted to a private party for a measly sum of 150 Million (15 crores) for 99 years and along with it No-objection certificates were also issued by the Governments in this regard so the plot could be used for both residential or commercial purposes.

He said that according to the information provided, the board of Revenue and Land utilization department's corrupt mafias ignored all necessary Laws, Rules and Regulations and leased this plot of Land for a period of 99 years at the cost of just Rs 2,000 per square metre despite the fact that according the market valuation this piece of Land costs around Rs 150,000 per square meter and that the mafias working in the Board of Revenue and Land Utilization Department worked together in self-interests in order to aquire this piece of land worth Billions, for Peanuts.

He also revealed that those criminals who were behind the sale and purchase of this piece of land had already demarcated, built a wall barrier around it and were in the process of engaging the market looking for interested parties to sell to according to its market price of Rs 8 billion.

During the show Kamran Khan spoke to the Karachi City Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal over the phone and referred to his letter to the Sindh Provincial Government where he asked the City District Government Karachi nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal whether he had offered upto Rs 100,000 per square metre to the Sindh Provincial Government for this land.

Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain urges Nation to Unite with the Armed Forces

Muttahida Qaumi Movement chief Altaf Hussain in his latest message while addressing his party leaders at the London secretariat of the party said that the armed fores of the country were fighting for the solidarity and stability of our country and urged the nation to unite with the Armed forces in defeating the Taliban and eradicating Talibanization from the country.

He stressed and warned of the hazards of the spread Talibanization in the country which the MQM has been indicating from the very beginning, are now in front of everyone. He furthur said that the government and the security agencies had taken positive steps against those spreading militancy in the country on time and if they hadn't then the situation would have been the other way round.

He saluted the brave jawans of the security agencies and said that were laying down their for the sake of their country. He condemned the suicide attack at the Aeronautical Complex Kamrah in Attock that killed 8 innocent people and injured 15 and the blast in Hayatabad in Peshawar that injured 15 people.

Quaid e Tehreek stressed the need for unity and urged the youth countrywide to form committies in their areas and keep a vigilant eye on suspected persons and provide information about them.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Assassination attempts on Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain

Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain's philosophy has always been to protect the rights of the poor and middle-class Pakistanis because he knew that 98% of our nation's population has been held at gun point by the top 2% rich and powerful of the country and therefore he felt the need to eliminate this system of abuse that is being used by the elites that has been going on for most of the past 62 years since our country's independence.

So naturally he made a lot of enemies in the process of enlightening the poor and middle-class masses of the nation and help them break from the shackles of corruption, injustice, poverty and the abuse of power by the so-called leaders of our country and thus when the establishment felt threated by his movement they decided that in order to protect their interests, it would be best to end his life, after all why would the rich and powerful feudal or a businessman would want to give rights to the common man, it is in their nature to suppress the poor and create a system in which the 'rich becomes richer and the 'poor becomes poorer' and have the ability to control to destiny of the common man.

There were 2 assassination attempts that were made on Altaf Hussain when his popularity shot up through the roof and his movement was at its peak.

The first attack took place during his visit to the United States in New York in 1987, the second assassination attempt took place right here in Karachi when he returned from his visit to London on December 21, 1991. When Altaf Hussain's flight  reached Karachi from London, it is alledged that some hitmen were hired to eliminate Altah Hussain and with him his party and its philisophy but it was not to happen. After landing at Karachi airport he and his party workers left for Ayesha Manzil and upon arriving to Ayesha Manzil in Federal B Area the attackers armed with a hand grenade tried to blow up the car in which Altaf bhai was travelling, luckily the grenate blew up in the attackers hands and one of the attackers died on the spot while the other attacker who was injured by the blast handed himself to the authorities, namely the police.

 The police then set a great example of justice when at the scene of the incident the police came and when the second injured attacker handed himself to them unarmed and injured, the police shot him dead at the scene and later called it a police encounter. MQM supporters alledged that the police obviously knew about the whole conspiracy to kill Altah Hussain and were present at the scene of the incident in order to make sure that the job is done or otherwise destroy any evidence if undone and so the second hitman was eliminated in order to protect those present in the establishment at the time from being convicted in this regard.

By the grace of God, Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain escaped unhurt in both these attempts.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MQM Muttahida Qaumi Movement - A Brief Introduction

The Muttahida Qaumi Movement generally known as MQM came into being after the formation of the Student organization, the All Pakistan Mohajir Student Organization (APMSO) which was founded in 1978 by Altaf Hussain which subsequently gave birth to the Mohajir Qaumi Movement (MQM) in 1984. It is the third-largest Political party in Pakistan after Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Group (PML-N).

Initially the party was founded on socio-ethnic lines representing the rights for the Mohajirs or Urdu speaking community of Pakistan who were often treated badly and discriminated upon by the establishment that viewed them as third grade citizens. On January 1991 MQM renamed itself from Mohajir Qaumi Movement a name that was often viewed and presented an image of the party as one that deals only with the socio-political issue that are faced by the Mohajirs or the Urdu-speaking people of the country to Muttahida Qaumi Movement representing itself as United National Movement that deals with the socio-political issue for all ethnicities of the Country. MQM now maintains the most liberal, progressive and secular stances on many political and social issues amongst all other Political parties in Pakistan.

The history of MQM lies in the first political organization of Mohajirs, called the All Pakistan Mohajir Student Organization (APMSO), which was founded in 1978 by Altaf Hussain who then was a student of Pharmacy at the University of Karachi. The purpose of APMSO was as a result of the deprivation of the fundamental right to education of the Mohajir students in their own country, Province and cities like Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Mirpurkhas and other urban centres where Mohajirs are in majority. As a result of the “Quota System” local Mohajirs were deprived of admission in the universities and professional colleges and
deprived of rooms in hostels despite having better and required grades in comparison to the students of other provinces of Pakistan or rural areas of Sindh as well as employment in government jobs.

Within 3 years of its existence as a political party, the MQM drew enormous crows, the height of success of which was the rally of August 8, 1986 at Nishtar Park in Karachi which drew enormous crowds in their thousands who stood despite the rain, the party still celebrates that moment when the party arose as a Political force and one year later MQM swept the local bodies elections in November 1987 in Karachi and several other urban areas of Sindh. In 1988 Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) won the general elections and formed a coalition government in Sindh with the help of MQM and a 59-point agreement called the Karachi Accord was signed between the PPP and MQM which included reforms for the protection of the democratic system and political rights, development in urban areas and creating merit based criteria for admissions to Universities and Colleges. There were many differences between MQM and PPP, however, the main difference between the two was MQM workers and their leaders came from poor and middle-class families who primarily believed in their slogan 'Power to the People' whereas PPP's workers too came from poor and middle-class families, however, their leaders were rich and powerful feudals who believed in preserving the feudal system which unlike MQM, gave 'Power to the powerful'. Thus, within few months of the agreement the alliance broke in October 1989 when MQM joined hands with PPP's opponents, the Pakistan Muslim League (PML).

By October 1990 elections, MQM emerged as the third-strongest political party in the Country this time making its alliance with Pakistan Muslim League (PML). In January 1991, MQM then known as 'Mohajir Qaumi Movement' decided to renamed itself as 'Muttahida Qaumi Movement'. Several senior party members were critical of this name changing and showed their dissent which led MQM to delay the name changing of the partys nomenclature.

On 21 December 1991, an assassination attempt was made on MQM's Chief leader Altaf Hussain but he escaped injury. In January 1992, Altaf Hussain left for London for medical treatment and in light of the assissination attempts that were made on him, his party workers decided that it was best that he and other top-brass of MQM stay abroad, thus since 1992 Altaf Hussain has been in self-exile and at the same time he has been able to successfully run his party from London ever since.
In 1992 an Operation by the name of Operation Clean-up aka Operation Blue Fox was announced by the military that sought to cleanse the city of Anti-Social elements and it was initiated on June 19, 1992. The main purpose of the operation was to sabotage an alledged plot to form a breakaway state by the name of Jinnahpur in Pakistan that would serve as a homeland for the Mohajir Urdu-speaking community after the military claimed that it had found maps of the proposed state of Jinnahpur in the offices of MQM.

MQM and the Urdu-speaking community at the time labelled 'Jinnahpur' as a conspiracy and an excuse to launch a military operation in Karachi and other MQM strong hold areas in order to weaken the party's image, their influence and brand them as anti-Pakistan elements. During this whole military operation against MQM, a total of 15,000 civilians, mostly MQM workers and ordinary citizens were ruthlessly murdered and even women were raped by the security agencies namely the police officials during house searches.

The government then, led by Nawaz Sharif completely denied having any knowledge about 'Jinnahpur' however, on August 24, 2009 two former military men who were major players in the 1992 operation clean-up namely former Intelligence bureau director-general Brigadier(retd) Imtiaz Ahmed better known as Imtiaz
Billa and General(retd) Naseer Akhtar disclosed that the alledged map of Jinnahpur was a 'drama' and its publication was meant to malign MQM. Brigadier Imtiaz confessed on a popular tv channel Geo Tv that no maps of Jinnahpur were found in the offices of MQM rather they were orchestrated in order to create divisions among various sections of the nation and that it was launched after full consultation and with the full knowledge of the proper chain-of-command, which included the then-Army chief Asif Nawaz, president Ghulam Ishaq Khan and the then prime minister Nawaz Sharif. General(retd) Naseer Akhtar who was the corps commander Karachi at the time too confessed that he had no knowledge of the Jinnahpur map and that was the reason why the Inter-Services Public Relations ISPR withdrew it within 2 days of its publication.

Soon after the two former Generals made the confession during a Television interview, Altah hussain made a Televised press conference in which he said that his party’s stance stood vindicated and termed the confessional statements by two pivotal charters of the operation as the victory of truth and justice, and proof that the establishment was scared of the party’s pro-middle class and anti-corruption and feudalism message. MQM leader Altaf Hussain demanded a formation of a national truth and reconciallatory commission to put facts before the nation after the astonishing relevations by two former generals related to the 1992 operation clean-up and said that the Jinnahpur map and the plan never existed and it was only an excuse to start the military operation againt the MQM.

Altaf Hussain's MQM can credited as the first political party in Pakistan that introduced a new trend in the political culture by giving it a non-feudal based political philosophy. It claims to be a political party of working towards the betterment of the poor and middle class population of Pakistan and boasts of sending poor and middle class people to the Parliament for the first time in history of the country.

On July 26, 1997, the party officially changed its name from Mohajir Qaumi Movement to Muttahida Qaumi Movement signifying it as a party for all in Pakistan.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Biography of Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain

Quaid-e-Tehreek Altaf Hussain Bhai is the fonder and leader of Pakistan's third-largest Political party the Muttahida QaumiMovement better known as MQM. He was born on September 17, 1953 in the city of migrants, the port city of Karachi. Both hisparents, father Nazir Hussain and mother Khurshid Begum belonged to a religious family in Agra, a city known for one of the Wonders of the world 'The Taj Mahal'. His Grand-father Mufti Muhammed Ramzan was a Mufti of the city of Agra and his maternal grandfather Hafi Hafiz Rahim Buksh were also known amongst the prominent Religious families of the city.

After the creation of Pakistan on August 14, 1947, the parents of Quaid e Tehreek Altaf Hussain along with the whole familymigrated to the newly created State of Pakistan and settled down to a lower middle-class locality of Karachi known as Ibn-e-Sina line.Altaf Hussain’s father died on March 13, 1967 while his mother passed away on December 5, 1985.

As with most of he migrants at the time living in Karachi, Altaf Hussain's family too was living on meagre expenses so AltafHussain got his entire Primary and Secondary Education from Government Schools. Later, he went on to study at the IslamiaScience College in Karachi from where he Graguated and onwards at the Karachi University in the Department of Pharmacy wherehe earned his Bachelors Degree in Pharmacy.

Altaf Hussain’s elder brother Nasir Hussain was a government employee so when the government allotted him a quarter at Jahangir Road, they shifted to Jahangir Road quarters. The founder of MQM and his family shifted to house in Block 8 of Azizabad neighbourhood in Federal B Area in Karachi, the same house later became the head office of his Political party MQM, also knownby the house number Nine-Zero (90).

During early 1970s General Yahiya Khan introduce the new scheme of National Cadet Service Scheme for all Inter pass students where all Intermediate pass students would be able to join the Army and give their services to the Nation.Being a Patriotic Pakistan that he is, he immediately applied to play his role to defend his motherland. After clearing allthe tests required for eligibility he was recruited in the Army. His regiment name was 57 Balochistan Regiment and his soldier number was 2642671. In 1971, His regiment was shifted from Hyderabad to Karachi and then sent to the then East Pakistan via ships. Quaid e Tehreek prayed for martyrdom in the line of his duty to protect his motherland. During the interview for final selection of recruits he was asked where his were from, to which he replied they came fromAgra in India. Hearing this the officer conducting the interview disregarded him of being a Pakistani and branded him as a Mohajir(migrant)and an Indian who is unfaithful to Pakistan, Altaf bhai told the officer that he was born here and his parents came to Pakistan for the love of this Nation but to no avail, he was dropped by the selection officer.

As a young Student Altaf Bhai had a strong resentment against the injustice, descrimination and inequality that was faced by the migrants who came to Pakistan during the Indo-Pak partition, also known as 'Mohajirs'. He had immence hatred for the feudal system in the country and the fact that the top 2% of the country's rich and powerful and corrupt elite decided the fate of the remaining 98% of thePopulation. He had a firm belief that until and unless the common man is empowered and free, the institutions free from thecorrupt practices of the powerful elite, the nation would not progress and the common man would not get his fairshare in the country.

He started his Political career when he was still studying Pharmacy at the University ofKarachi where he formed the All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organization (APMSO) on June 11, 1978. Soon APMSO startedgaining popularity among the Urdu-Speaking students and Mohajirs and were able to win 92 seats in college elections in 1980.However, APMSO faced a strong opposition from Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba, student wing of Jamaat-e-Islami, and it was banned in 1981.
He founded the MQM in 1984 to represent Mohajirs, Muslims who emigrated from India in 1947 following Partition, and later campaigned for an end to feudalism and rights for the middle-class and the poor downtrodden masses of the Nation. APMSO was restructured as Mohajir Qaumi Movement on March 18, 1984 and on August 8, 1986.

On 21 December 1991, Quaid e Tehreek was attacked but he escaped injury. A warrant was issued for his arrest in connection with a murder. On 1 January 1992 he left Pakistan for London for medical treatment. During 1992 to 1993 Altaf Hussain's brothers and nephews were extrajudicially murdered. He sought political asylum in the United Kingdom, where he now lives in Mill Hill, North London as a UK citizen. The British government has turned down extradition requests from Pakistan, where more than 100 fake criminal charges were filed against him by Benazir Bhutto's government in the mid-90s.

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